Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Notes from today

·         Pat
o   move 3 pixels on screen  1 before tech
o    move 2 pixels on screen 5
o   Be sure to credit the Holocaust museum for the music we are using for transitions (rolling photos)

·         Everyone else
o   Brian (entering NewYork)  film grain brought down
o   Brian use the photos referenced in the blog (Romanian) not the Ashwhiz images
o   Michael (distillery) render out background as alpha
o   Mingran soften eagle animation with blur
o   Juan you need to stretch you hospital bed scene

don't forget to attend rehearsal there are only a few left before they turn into tech runs.
for example: today at rehearsal I learned that the scene where they are leaving to go from the first camp to the second camp is a lot longer than I was expecting. So it might be a good idea to put a great deal of effort into the pano displayed at that time, since it looks like that image will be on the screen for quite some time. (the streets)

Camp images

Hi everyone

I am at the rehearsal and Kevin and I were talking about the videos he saw today. He wanted to make sure that we are using historically accurate photos. The videos with images looked great, but the historical images of the holocaust were mostly from Polish and German camps, our story is about the camps in Romania And Russia. The camps we showed showed starvation, which was more of a problem at the other camps. He posted links to the accurate images on our blog.

Let me know if you have any questions.
EVERYONE, KEVIN informs me the shows are WED-SAT next week and we have the tech rehearsals this sunday. I need ALL The coordinators to be present for the TECH rehearsals and ANY and ALL designers who can be here for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE on Sunday to make any tweaks and adjustments that we may need. ALOT of his show is backdrops with just a few gags that have to be worked out so please make room in your schedules to attend a rehearsal and then attend tech SUNDAY NIGHT MONDAY NIGHT and Tuesday NIGHT. FOR AS LONG as possible. I will be here beginning on Saturday for lighting tech and then through the week in the evenings



This is my running list of who all has gone to rehearsal

Joe Murphy
Joe N.

If your name should be on here and isn't email me


The showings are 
Jan 17, Jan 18, Jan 19, Jan 20

You can bring your laptop to rehearsal and work on images while there. 
Let's get crackin.