Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Notes from today

·         Pat
o   move 3 pixels on screen  1 before tech
o    move 2 pixels on screen 5
o   Be sure to credit the Holocaust museum for the music we are using for transitions (rolling photos)

·         Everyone else
o   Brian (entering NewYork)  film grain brought down
o   Brian use the photos referenced in the blog (Romanian) not the Ashwhiz images
o   Michael (distillery) render out background as alpha
o   Mingran soften eagle animation with blur
o   Juan you need to stretch you hospital bed scene

don't forget to attend rehearsal there are only a few left before they turn into tech runs.
for example: today at rehearsal I learned that the scene where they are leaving to go from the first camp to the second camp is a lot longer than I was expecting. So it might be a good idea to put a great deal of effort into the pano displayed at that time, since it looks like that image will be on the screen for quite some time. (the streets)

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