Friday, May 1, 2015

Final thoughts on Final project

Starting out trying to use the wiimote via OSCulator to MAX/MSP proved a daunting task for my steep, self-undisciplined-learning curve I created for myself.  I even explored the option of creating an AudioMulch set of contraptions linking a fun VST synth, the Reaktor5 from Native Instruments, and controlling some of the parameters via MIDI from OSCulator messages made by a waving and button-pressing wiimote controller.  I even downloaded PureData, an outdated DarwinRemote OSC control and then XQuartz which didn't fell any less complicated.
In the end, I decided to re-route the task to one that was presumably less riddled with technical obstacles.  I decided on the iphone-to-OSCulator app to AbeltonLive(a demo with 9 days till expiration) essentially back-mapping the MIDI messages for me.  I eventually found success and got it to map and control certain sliders and rotary knobs via TouchOSC while playing the keyboard.  Quite a chore, but also very rewarding once it worked.  I think I too will try the Leap Motion next...

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