Friday, April 3, 2015

Ch. 23 review

Although there are many ways to define interactivity, I feel that Simon Penny's definition is more relevant to todays' digital art and beyond. He states "An interactive system is a machine system which reacts in the moment by virtue of automated reasoning based on data from its sensory apparatus interactivity implies real time". One could say all art is interactive, as long as the work triggers a reaction from the participant/viewer. Paul Vanouse would agree that participation can be as simple as watching a film, movie, or commercial. If that's the case and basis of interactivity, what separates using our visual senses from our other four. Participation is a little too broad of a definition for me. Navigation is a more concrete definition and this makes it easy to agree with. There always is a cause and effect when it comes to navigation interactivity. This is when users know where they stand as participants and they feel in control. This applies to gaming, which is not going anywhere anytime soon. As we know, gaming is one of the most, if not the most interactive art styles and interactive performances. 

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