Friday, April 3, 2015

Chapter 24 Initial Thoughts and Final Project Ideas


We start off with the quote "A game is a machine that can get into action only if the players consent to become puppets for a time."- Marshall Mcluhan.

I feel like that quote is extremely accurate from my experiences. For the last 2 years I have been a part of a group that creates a giant game for people to play on campus. And as we have learned that game only happens if we have people who are willing to jump in a follow our instructions, essentially become our puppets. The first section of the chapter talks about making videogames an actual study rather than just something that happens. In order to to be a true art there must be some sort of theory as to how videogames work.

I think the most interesting part of the beginning is the argument between Narratologists and Ludologists. Narratologists focused on the games significance and the philosophy behind it. Ludologists focused more on gameplay and manipulation.

I also liked the comparison between theater and videogames at the bottom of 601 to top of 602. They linked Hamlet to Final Fantasy.

Haven't gotten to finish reading but will update post as I read.

As to final project I want to use a series of leap motions to be able to create a music game similar to ones I've played in the past and similar to an app Pat has shown me on his iPad before. The game style is similar to this game As well as sharing aspects with Borderlands Granular for iOS

Art wise I like the visuals of this image. And this game

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