Friday, April 17, 2015

Comments on chap 6

Television has essentially formed its own culture and environment. Arguably, the same could be said today of the internet. Computers and the performing go along together in digital performance. However, one ca argue that theater, dance, and performance art has focused in demonstrating “liveness,” but within a media-saturated world. According to this week’s readings, on live performance, Auslander is trying to challenge the ideas of the traditional value of liveness. He proposed that “the dominant aesthetic force is the digital into which the live is assimilated may be persuasive, but the problem remains that there are clear differences between the digital and the live” (p.128). As digital media continuous evolving, taking into account Auslander’s argument is fundamental. In live performance what should be the priority is to represent a live event and watch it without focusing in artificial reproductions of the real. Something that it should be remember is the unique experience that viewers have during a live event.

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