Thursday, February 28, 2013

3D and 2D

From our meeting with Kevin it has become apparent that 3D creation will not be as important as 2D elements for this production. Duncan and Paul please meet to discuss the dispersal of elements that will be needed and who will be doing what. From our discussion we will definitely be needing now

Eagle Flying
invoking mermaid
After Effects effect for the Ship
Trains (exterior)
Trains (cattle Car interior)
Maps and Newsreel footage
Large Pano Of Jerusalem
Several different concentration Camps
Pano of Library West
Brewery and Distillery
Italy Scene
Large Door with lock interior
Mosque or Omar
Death Train Scene
Police Station

So please discuss this as now that 3D is NOT an essential component as we had previously discussed that this huge amount of work be assigned and dispersed across the teams


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