Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rehearsal Tuesday

We attended the rehearsal on Tuesday. It was an early rehearsal, and involved the actors doing a reading around a table. The director began this rehearsal by saying that everyone should regard this like an audition, because it was still not certain who would have what part.

When we got there, the actors began with an extended warmup exercise. We did not participate but it was actually quite fun to watch as the actors did the exercises, such as marching and doing vocal exercises and pretending to throw javelins. It was a very physical warmup.

After that the actors sat around a table and read the script. The director would occasionally interject to explain what the action would be or to explain what parts were being cut, but he mostly stayed quiet. There were some difficult to pronounce words and the actors had to change what was in the script from first to third person while reading out loud, but they did a great job. They were trying out different styles and tones as they read.

There was little talk of how digital elements would be integrated except for when he mentioned a possible projection at one point, but the actual acting was so early on that it's understandable that this isn't coming into play yet. Overall, I look forward to seeing who gets what part and how the final production shapes up.

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