Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rehearsal: 2.12.13

So Tuesday night's rehearsal was another read through of the script. I was given the current script which Kevin stated is about 2 hours long. His goal is have an hour and half production EXCLUDING intermission, so needless to say the script I have will continue to be shaved. It seems to me that the script is going to be closely tied with the text, with little paraphrasing. 

Most of the action taking place during Dr. Merdinger's imprisonment. 

After observing part of the read through, Leah's story is only going to consist of less than 30 minutes of show time.

I spoke with Kevin after the rehearsal and was given an opportunity to show him what we've posted on the blog space so far, then encouraged him to come visit us soon. He really seemed to like the direction we are going with. In particular he expressed that he strongly associates shades of blue while reading Leah's story, and more of a sepia tone while reading Dr. Merdinger's.  He loved the image the Web Design team found of the Diary, and thinks the model should follow along and keep the authenticity. 

One of the actors saw the image of the front of the diary, and explained that she can read Hebrew. She informed me that the second word of "world", although the cursive made it difficult to decipher the first word. I hope this helps everyone find a little more direction. 

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