Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Objects in Merdinger's Story

The role of music in the story is very important. I think we have chosen the right musical objects (the violin and the tuning fork) because they are both quite significant.

In the scene where the boys are serenading girls in town, in doing so they improve their social status and become popular. The girls want to be serenaded, even if the boys are often out of tune. Once Merdinger finds the tuning fork and learns how to use it, they become much better singers and he starts to lead the group. This object allows him to become a leader among his friends.

Merdinger's mother gives him all the money she has for the violin, and he believes it leaves her penniless. It is an influential moment, as he says "her gesture to give me almost all she had will always be unforgettable." This object is partly symbol of the sacrifices his mother made made in order to raise him.

Kevin had also mentioned potentially utilizing a projection for the serenade scene. I haven't finished yet but I believe music will continue to play an important role.

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