Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dr Merdinger

Dr. Merdinger story was very interesting and compelling to read. His tale of survival is unlike any other World War II story I have ever heard of. Needless to say he had it very hard and nothing came easy to him his entire life. And when he finally got things going his way he decided to come to America and start over again. I was very surprised to learn about how the Germans and Russians used him to make alcohol to use in the diesel fuel and of course for recreational use. Because of his specialties he was valuable to the war effort in various ways and was not treated as a normal prisoner. This prevented him from being gassed, shot, experimented on or tortured like so many unfortunate others. I was hoping that he would poison some of the alcohol when he gave it to the occupying forces, like some Jewish scientist sabotaged V2 rockets.

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