Monday, January 26, 2015

After watching the video of Osmose and Dancing with the Virtual Dervish, the most impressive part is their integrity. Considering those virtual environment projects were created in 2 to 3 decades ago, they already contained considerable visual graphics, audio portion, and interactions compared with most of the VR projects we have today. The major difference is probably that those ancient projects were driven by like eleven computers and over 25000 lines of code. Nowadays, VR is no longer a cutting-edge technology that only happens in University laboratories. It is not hard to create a 3D virtual reality environment with software like Maya and Unity. People can experience activities in the virtual world through mouse and keyboard. On the other hand, unlike it was first realized, the technology of VR has been used in a much wider range of fields and industries. From military to education, from healthcare to art. Actually, VR is not a serious topic. We can experience it through video games and 3D movies. It is mostly regarded as a fancy recreational element. 

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