Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thoughts on Dancing with the Digital Dervish and Reading

I was really like the virtual reality experiment about Dancing with the Digital Dervish and the most memorable words in that video were the maker said that: "if multimedia had a level of interactivity that once beyond clicking and pointing, if you could walk into it, you have virtual reality."
In other words, early experiment explorers attempt to create a virtual reality was because they had developed a deeper understanding of multimedia design. When it concerned to multimedia, I thought it could be better for us to understand and appreciate virtual reality. That environment was not too complicated to analyze in an ordinary logic, the basic direction was also aimed to establish the same emotional enjoyment like multimedia.
Those explorers were amazing and constructed a real virtual reality feeling for our 21 century people. Rather than nowadays Massively Multi-User Online Role-Playing Games, early experiments mainly focused on the link between human and human's nature, which I thought was one of their fascinating point.
All in all, we should appreciate their aesthetic value from past to modern days. Virtual reality could help us to build a rational relationship both with exterior and interior side. Whether the scenes in those environments are real or not, our feelings are always the most truly one to indicate ourselves to respect them.

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