Monday, January 26, 2015

Osmose Commentary

When we watched the Osmose video it was a little confusing to understand what was going on due to the sudden shifts of scenery which was probably in video editing. There are a lot of cables and restraints that the user had to attach as well as a large HMD that I'm sure weighed down on their heads. The idea of using the user's breath to control the rise and fall of the actor within the world is really unique and allowed the user to feel a connection to the world. By having the user control the environment it provides a deeper sense of immersion rather than just watching a scene such as in a movie. Because the imagery of some of the scenes were so abstract it led more towards a meditative feel rather than the user focusing on how real the scenes looked. Even the soundtrack for most of the environment had an ambiance to them that was relaxing. Also by focusing on their breathing in such a manner you tend to gain more control of your body and stress levels. It is a form of relaxation to control your breathing. The computer code part of the experience was also pretty cool to be able to see what is going on underneath the skin and realize that what you're seeing is creating the world around you. Make me think of future uses where you could create a compound in science and actually zoom down to the smallest level to teach how things are made up.

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