Sunday, January 25, 2015

Virtual Reality review

After 20 years of development, Virtual reality is no longer a typical cutting-edge technology.
People are able to create their own virtual worlds through simple equipment and software.
Looking back to 20 years ago, people needed to use a lot of resources in order to implement a virtual environment project (Placeholder and Osmose). It was approximately at the beginning of the VR development. Meanwhile, it can also be regarded as the origin of digital performance.
After watching the Osmose video, I think that digital performance is a really unique art form: Unlike most of existing art, the life and soul of visual art is held in hands of technology developers rather than artists. In fact, it seems that artists has very little influence on the art compared with the progress of technology.  Their long-term efforts may be replaced by some new technology so easily. After all, humans are not like machines, it will take a long time to learn and adapt new things especially when those things are upgrading rapidly.
In this particular field, it is hard to reach the balance between artistry and technology.

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