Sunday, January 25, 2015

Comments on Osmose video

If I am considered to be the audience of this particular performance, I would say it was rather disappointing. I would have liked so see more of the performer and his/her tactics and actions that had an influence in the performance. Maybe a split screen of the performer and what they are viewing. This video is mostly visuals and sounds that have very little connection. At some moments the visuals match the eerie feeling of the audio but those moments are rare. Maybe a split screen showing the performer and the actual performance would give a clearer understanding of Osmose. I would classify this as explorational performing aka improv. Digital exploration performance is what this is but unfortunately the only one who maybe be intrigued by the performance is one who is participating in the performance. Just watching the video is confusing because I am not the one interacting. Therefore, I cannot make the same connections and experiences as the performer is. I am not critiquing the quality of the piece nor am I comparing the piece to what we can create today. However, it still falls short of my expectations. The idea behind the performance is pretty cool but, the video that is being shown is weak. I'm sure from their perspective the experience is mind blowing.

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