Monday, January 26, 2015

Thoughts on Placeholder

This early experiment similarly linked human to nature elements like Osmose. Participants in experiment "change" to "snake""spider" or "crow" to accomplish their a series of virtual reality behaviors. In that virtual reality environment, participants could move, chat, and even fly. The magic was that once participants entered that space, they would automatically pretend they were real and got real emotion from it.
A live performer stood aside and guided participants' action through navigational advice. The whole procedure was orientated and I thought that was one of the crucial significance to both participants and viewers from nowadays, because we could start to consider how a story initially developed, and what could be the best way for story to construct its corresponding environment. All in all, human used their own wisdom to create a purely unreal and unnatural world for human better feeling nature and knowing themselves, itself also could be viewed as a good story.

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