Monday, January 26, 2015

VR and Performance on Placeholder

While reading the history of digital performance, I keep thinking of where ultimately, this medium is heading.  When considering the development of immersive activity like a VR headpiece that was used in Placeholder and where we have developed the technology today, my thought is something similar to Marina Grinic's comment in our textbook that, "We are witnessing an ever more exact and complete aesthetic sterilization of the image...the physicality of the connection of the image with reality-time is lost".
Perhaps total immersion is the idea, and to lose all time in the process is the ideal.  After going to the Medieval Faire this weekend, I see the same yearning for immersion into an idealized world that can allow one to escape and immerse, retreat and re-cover.  Isn't that the point of theater, of film, of all art?  Enveloping, and immersive, make-believe?

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