Friday, February 6, 2015

Concepts in the Reading.

 Telematic performance refers to a live performance (art, dance, music, etc.) which makes use of telecommunications and information technology to distribute the performers between two or more locations.

Collaborative Dance Performance: two spaces are connected through the use of technology such as streaming video input and interactive applications. Different dance performances can blend together into one piece. To illustrate, the fusion of dancers from different stages into one piece, such as the Intelligent Stage at Arizona State University’s Institute pf Studies in the Arts, which blend three dancers from different performances into a composite webcast image.

Networked Art::contemporary art in which computer technology is used in a wide variety of ways to make distinctive works.

Telepresence; provides the viewer a 
parallel experience in there spaces at once. The viewer can perceive real space, the virtual space, and per tele-action at the physical location to give the appearance of being present

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