Monday, February 9, 2015

The most important attributes of Internet to Performance

In my opinion, the most crucial significance of Internet is that it constructs a limitless environment for us compared to the conditional reality.
Living in such a material world, there are many educational words instruct us that do not indulge ourselves too much in a virtual Internet world. People always produce such worries is because that even though that virtual world is intangible, we are invariably influenced by its inexhaustible power.
I think that power is based on Internet’s attribute of setting up few conditions. Firstly, all of the information is digitalized and as long as you have access to it by devices, there is no limitation of your gender, age, place and time, not to mention modern interfaces on Internet are increasingly becoming user-friendly. Various useful tools are designed for users’ needs like translating or modifying the size of fonts. Internet targets people and provides itself to users positively rather than hiding treasures in a deep hole that asking you to rack your brains and do your best effort. 
Secondly, speedy and abundant information on Internet establishes a certain connection among themso we just need jump and then jump back between different information to get knowledge, sometimes even a randomly searching yields a surprisingly result.
Thirdly, there is no requirement for users’ unchanged personality. I think the interesting thing of human’s personality is because the flexibility of human’s personality. We could express ourselves freely and try to play various roles on Internet within the law. After communicating and sharing, no matter what kinds and sorts of similarity and diversity we produce, Internet environment could always contain them and digest them, just letting time to differentiate them. 

When it concerns to digital performance, these limitless elements could give us a series of inspiration and materials. Also, we could utilize "telematic" this concept to creative some interesting digital performance.

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