Friday, February 13, 2015

More Contribution of the Internet in Performance + Def of Interactive and Reactive

One of the biggest contributions the internet has brought to performance is the opportunity to deliver digital theater. The Internet has allowed the digital technology’s ability extend the reach of communication and visualization, enhancing the role of the theater to create human communications.

Now, through online streaming, there is a more close relationship between humans and computers. Online users can access any type of content through the internet. Even, they can produce content through social media and interact with others. However, digital theater provides limited interactivity between the actors and the audience. While interactivity can be applied to both the interaction between people and between humans and machines, digital theater evoke the connection between the audience and performers that it is facilitated through technology operated with the internet. 

  Interactive: the term “interactive” refers to any mutually or reciprocally active communication and changes, whether it be a human-human or a human-machine communication. There is a lot of opportunities for change. As a result, with one input, there are multiple of outcomes that can be developed. 

Reactive: the essence of theater is the impression perceive in the audience by the way the actors perform. The players act in such a way to cause a reaction in the audience. This defines the concept of reactive in theater. Artists don’t have the opportunity for changes since they can cause only one output.  

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