Monday, February 16, 2015

Reactive vs. Interactive

In light of my work as an Instructional Designer, I approached the terms reactive and interactive to have similar connotations of passive and active learning; referring to how learning can be designed to simply supply information (passive or reactive) or engage the learner (active or interactive).   
In passive learning there is a lecture and perhaps a quiz that gives information and assess how well the student retained it.  Perhaps applying the socratic method of lecturing would engage the audience and insert some "reactivity"  into the lesson when asking questions to the audience.  Taking it a step further, interactivity in a lesson could ask the students how they would problem-solve, work together in groups, role-play scenarios and maybe even developing their own lesson. 
If performance were approached like knowledge dissemination in this way, interactive performance would include audience participation and development of the piece in real-time within a framework of guidance.

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