Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Most important contribution of digital media

Digital media causes changes in the way people commuincate to each other. In traditional media, there was no such a channel for individuals to pass on their own opinions. Audience are just the information receivers. However, with the development of general technologies, the way of information transfer has been completely changed. For instance, the number of programmable web has increased significantly. Those browsers have opened an audience-driven environment to a new generation of social media. Users are able to exchange information simultaneously with multiple sources and carry on communicating with multiple parties. The multiasking technology not only improves the interaction among people but also makes it surmount the limitations of time and geography.

Further, it is believed that cultures are formed by people's communications and interactions. Cultures variation and development also depend upon absorption of new information and interpersonal communications. In this sense, digital media creates a new culture of mankind. That is probably its most important contribution overall.

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