Monday, February 16, 2015

Reading of Chapter 14, 18, 19

Steve mainly introduced George Coates, The Builders Association and Robert Lepage in chapter 14. All of them employed projections to intensify the visual spectacle of their theatrical productions. Technology as their powerful tool that helps them match and stitch various virtual and real elements.

There was another concept called “webcam” in chapter 18, and I thought that title “Webcams: The Subversion of Surveillance” was pretty interesting. In a sense, creation of art does need material and inspiration from our real life. Also, some environmental concepts of theater such as, Telematics Theater, Bedroom Theater and Coffee Theater may sound original and special. However, we should realize that we have already lived in a surveillance society, and all of information could be controlled and changed purposely.

Combining with chapter 19, we could discuss the live expressive form of online performance on Cyberspace. In modern days, the immediate processing capacity of Internet established an infinite time and space for us, and we users could profoundly enjoy and think the significance of the magic Internet and then upload and store on Internet again as our feedback, continuously and timelessly. Jeaan-Louis Barrasult theorized that all art as a confrontation of one element against another and said that the theatre is the art of the human being in space and if we employ “theater” this concept to Cyberspace, trying to define our own attributes, design in a similar way of conjoining multiple theatrical elements and diligently preform our emotions, I think we would produce more new things to explore.

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