Friday, February 6, 2015

Telematics Terms

Simultaneous Performance Actions- Specifically during the idea for Shared Identity where Scott C. Durkin coordinated the excavation of himself and his twin brother on opposite coasts of the US.  There is an investigation of parallel universes with the possibility that cyberspace and even telematics  allows one to exist at once in multiple worlds.

Satellite Art- The process taken for granted in our age that communication is happening in multiple places at once yet in very different physical spaces.  The relationship between these spaces and actions occurring is interesting because they can be affected by each other in a way that in one era was described as telekenisis.

Ecstasy of Communication-  described by G. H. Hovagimyan with  his Art Dirt Im-port where his 1997 piece predicted social media with what was described in the book as a new form of talk show where artists interact and perform for each other.  With only slight delay, it is occurring for every Facebook, twitter and instagram user where the "art" is "the selfie" where truth is only as it you want it portrayed on your Facebook portfolio.

Floating Point Unit-  this hints at future worlds where multilayered audiovisual environments where the artist or the interacting individual experiences "rapture" (read gamer's "big win" experience) in the "midst of the discovery of digital and organic secrets". The merging  of brain activity and virtual world exploration?

trans/forms and the Kuntswerk-Blend-  This was interesting to me as live improvised sound using remote musicians to accompany a dance performance.  This gets close to the very interesting interactivity with a capable audience performing with the performance and interacting with it on a very personal and emotional level.

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