Sunday, February 15, 2015

The advances due to the internet.

The Internet is still a very young to us all. Because of the internet we can better support, heal, protect and serve the people of our countries and connect with other countries across the world instantly and simultaneously at rapids speeds. The Internet continues to improve although it is already such a great resource and tool. Like I said, the Internet is still a young. Currently we still don't know it's full potential but we use it for great things. Even with all of the advancements due to the internet we are not even scratching the surface. The internet is used  more for lieasurly activities more than advancing humanity on earth right now. We shop, we use it to share media, and we even use it to have second identities. Pre-internet, it wasnt so easy to learn and the obtain new knowledge. Now so many tools and  devices now rely on it. Currently our TVs and watches function off the internet and they are slowly becoming computers with the Internet's help. It's kind of scary knowing that so much technology in your life relies on the internet. Pretty soon refrigerators and microwaves will be using the Internet. It is constantly evolving and constantly advancing. The emergence of cloud storage is growing at a rapid pace and I still can't really wrap my head around how it is really happening securely. Everything will be ran from the Internet and cloud computing soon. Yes the internet helps of accomplish great things but it also has crested new threats and crimes. Security from our systems will be ran from internet services but it raises a lot of our questions as far as privacy goes.  If everything is online and everybody can get online who is in full control of their belongings, files, and privacy? For example, for protecting home security. Technically, yes anybody can make a key copy or break into your home but not instantly. It takes a lot of planning to get to that point. Anybody from anywhere anytime can break into your phone, your TV your computer, all because of the internet. The powerful resource does raise a lot of security threats. It's plenty of positives and negatives to discuss. Just remember the quote the quote, "with great power, comes great responsibility" .

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