Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coming to America: Leah Stupniker

This young lady is very eloquent with her words and has demonstrated a wide range of emotions in her diary. Her stories are entirely her own, but if reminds me of stories of my family coming to America. Just like her my uncle really did not want to leave his home but against his wishes he was forced to go. What if Leah stayed, she might not have gotten sick but there was a number of other things going on in that region at that time. You never know, but I would like to believe that her mother had her best interest in mind. I was born in the US but I understand that America is the proverbial "land of milk and honey" for many immigrants. Many people have come here and made a good life for them and their families. In the autobiography of Dr. Merdinger he came to America after a terrible ordeal in Europe and had to put up with a lot of hardships here as well before he was able to final settle down. One cant help but to feel bad for Leah Stupniker but those were the times and similar hardships was common place. 

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