Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quote relation

"Today is the last day of my studies at school. How long have I anticipated this day, and now – emptiness in my heart and nothing more. There was a place in my heart that the school filled. Now it has been emptied out and nothing will fill it."

I was actually glad when you mentioned our blog post this week would be to find a quote that you can relate to in the diary of the young girl. The moment I read this line from the book it really hit me. Although this moment has not come for me yet, I feel it will. I have been in school since Kindergarten. I never took a break to "find myself", or travel, or relax. I am ready to graduate, and yes I look forward to it very much. Yet at the same time it has always been there for me, almost as a safety blanket. Reading this line from the her journal really gave me a close moment of relation.

This could be a good scene to add to the show as well because not only does her graduating from her studies lead to a void in her life, it can also be seen the same way when she is leaving her country.

- Chelsea

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