Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Late on Leah; personal journaling

"I too will suffer and suffer greatly, but if that is all then it is not all bad."
I believe this statement said it all to me.  When reading this journal, I had the feeling that I was reading something written, not by a girl, but by an older woman.  Normally I do not think of children as being miserable or conditioned to the realities of suffering, but it would appear that she is better versed than many at the collegiate level, even.  Not to get off topic, but it makes me wonder slightly about the intelligence level back then as opposed to today, or at least the level of eloquence.

As for the personal journal, I just hope I'm doing what was called for... It's 2:45am and it's now technically my birthday.  Well... no technically about it.  I can't help but wonder why I wasted so much time in the past day or two working on personal projects?  I understand that it's important to get personal things done, but I didn't do the work I've wanted to get out of the way since early in the weekend so that I wouldn't have to do it all ON MY BIRTHDAY.  Oh well.  All I know is I got a couple awesome presents early, and I'm looking forward to some more awesome presents on the way.  Although I know I won't be able to do too much on the actual day, I'm thinking it would be a good idea to have a Superbowl / Birthday potluck party with just as many people as can cram into the little viewing room at my place this weekend.  Whatever I do, all I need to know right now to be content getting to bed is that I'm happy... I have plenty to complain about, but I have so much more to be grateful for, and the fact that I could even think to feel anything but gratitude just amazes me.  I don't know what's ahead of me, but it's big, and although there's a knot in my chest about the whole thing, I can't help but feel I'm ready to take it head on.  I'm gonna remember that name...

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