Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leah Stupniker - Happiness

"'Above happiness there is no happiness and underneath it 
hides disaster' - I want to die before I sense that
my work is at an end, before I feel that there is nothing more
for me to do, or because I cannot do any more."

I found this quote struck a chord with me because it deals with strife and meaning.  Leah has a revelation with achievement in her life - that she wants to leave the world at or before the pinnacle of her time. She believes her meaning comes from struggle and that to finally achieve what she has struggled for is the point at which she should no longer need to exist.  There is no greater happiness to achieve after that point, and to live a life without a pursuit of happiness is useless.  This is such a profound concept discovered by such a young mind and one I find myself relating to.

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