Monday, January 14, 2013

Devised Theatre Performance

Hi everyone,

I don't know for many of you, but this is actually the first time I heard the term Devised Theatre, and from the initial concept, I feel that this is a totally new experience for me. From what I have read so far, I can say the every artist in and out the stage has its own identity in the play which leads toward a more realistic and better performance. Design elements can carry as much or more weight as performers, spoken text is often only one fragment of what makes up a devised “play,” and storytelling sometimes takes a back seat to pure experience.

A Handful of Leaves is something that could relate to many of us including me as I came to this country also as an immigrant from a different country and culture. This play creates the story behind many people and I feel that the audience in general would identify themselves with it.

As I would be helping with the 3D modeling and website creation, I think all together can come out with so many ideas based on the written diary, and this would give us a unique sequence of events that would represent us in a successful work. I think we can all express our own feelings in this as they will coming out with each created piece. Devising a piece of theatre like this one ahead of us can be a stimulating and exciting journey towards the development of a performance which is a fusion of the unique talents and creativity of the group.

I just hope to get the most of this new experience and learn from each one of you.

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  1. i am glad you will be able to incorporate your own experience into this piece that is really what good theatre enables us to do.