Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gloomy story – gloomy color uniformed for design

For the first year anniversary of her death”,“the story of an immigrant child who had died on Ellis Island from tuberculosis at the tender age of 14.The story brings me the emotions of gloomy, sad, dark and other bad moods after reading the whole story. The scenes of the story often switch back and forth between reality and dream, which along with all kinds of experience of pain and injuries. Based on the scenes and environment of the story and the color ideas from web team at present, we should be able to determine the fundamental key of whole design.
1.      Whether we should unify the whole tone among 2D, 3D and web design which in order to achieve the harmony in integral performance.
2.      I totally agree with the color idea from web team. I think other groups can follow the web team directly.
I just some references images, which are matched the gloomy color that came from web team to achieve the sad atmosphere.

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