Monday, January 14, 2013

A Golden Thread?

Hi Everyone,

I am in brand new territory here, but I am excited to experience the devised theater process. For this production, I am going to be working with Brett on the audio, so from a design perspective, I think we may be a little separated from the visual artists. But I am curious if the design team needs a reference point or reference stimulus to work from to avoid a smorgasbord of styles. It could be anything; a series of photos, music, or even just a cinematic style? Is that common in this situation? It might help create a "golden thread" of design that creates a common theme through a process like this to keep the visual elements from going in complete opposite directions? I have always worked with an assigned Creative Director, so I guess I am curious/nervous how this will work with out one. But maybe that is the point. 

In reading about Devised Theater and Grotowski, I like the idea of not competeing with film. I think we should really think about this and see if there is a way to include the audience. We have a unique opportunity to use all of the tools in the digital realm to immerse the audience and have live interaction. Maybe make the first row of audience as props, extras, or whatever, might be a way to take it to 11.

I like the Scrum approach and analogy. That will be fun and I hope everyone speaks up.

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  1. Joe, i will act as Creative Director in concert with Kevin marshall, but really only so things don't wander out of control. You all are creative directors and will need to communicate to identify a focus and then continue to integrate so we can get a real synthesis of visual, performance and auditory.